Underworld Escape:

Game: Underworld Escape

Genre: Tower Defense

Platform: Windows

Target Audience: Casual Gamers/Tower defense lovers

View: Top-down 2-D

This was a team project. We were supposed to create a Tower Defense game in "Wintermute" engine in 2 days. The team composition was-

  1. Project Manager - Tejaswini Joglekar
  2. Game Designers - Mangesh Thombare & Vivek Kurup
  3. Game Artists - Ashiq Sherrif & Rahul Salim Narayanan
  4. Game Programmer - Pranav Paharia

This is the video of one of the levels in the Tower Defense game. We have tried to show all the main game-play in this video. The player can choose from 3 types of towers and place it anywhere on the map to stop the enemies from escaping. The towers have different attacks and are more useful against specific enemy units. There is also a special attack called Chaos which is enabled only when the Chaos Meter is full and gives you area damage clearing all the enemies in that area.

The Purpose of this project was primarily management. We had to make an entire game in just 2 days. We had milestones to be reached every half a day.

Myself and Vivek worked on the game design.

Following objectives were achieved in the Game design of the Project: