JAL- Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013:

Game: JAL

Genre: Puzzle Platformer

Platform: Windows PC/ Windows Mobile

Target Audience: Casual gamers

View: 2-D Side scroller

We worked on a simple platformer game called JAL for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013.

This was a team project. The team members and their roles were as follows:

  1. Chirag Chopra - Project manager & Lead Game Designer
  2. Mangesh Thombare - Level Designer
  3. Tarun Jakhotia - Game Artist
  4. Vamshi Krishna - Game Programmer

The objective of the Game was to "reach the reservoir with maximum amount (health)".

The water can shift its states into "STEAM" or "ICE" to avoid or to break through Obstacles.

Water can gain momentum and jump using ascending ramps.

The core mechanics include-

  1. Water gaining a momentum to jump longer using ramps
  2. Convert into steam to cover the gaps
  3. Convert to Ice to break through walls (obstacles)
  4. Loss of health when water touches fire.

This is a video of an alpha build of our Game. In this video we have tried to show all the core mechanics of the game.